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Carina Huang

Deeply connected and inspired by nature and the world around us, my jewellery is emotional, imaginative and innovative. I tell stories through hand-making, such as memorising a sea with organic shapes, capturing the essence of fire with texture, and adoring a dance with traditional techniques.
Inspired by the nature of the human body, I became increasingly interested in applying the modification concept to the human form, particularly focusing on the idea of human’s obsession with altering perceived imperfections. I played with my features to create a fluid identity.



--Munich Jewellery Week, Paper form




-- Milano Jewelry Week, Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, Milan

-- School of Jewellery BA Degree Show, School of Jewellery, Birmingham


-- The Hive Live Project, The Hive Cafe & Bakery, Birmingham


-- Central Saint Martins Foundation Degree Show, Lethaby Gallery, London


-- HUESERS Magazine, December 2022 print issue

-- The Fab, Artistar Jewels catalog


-- Art China,

-- Klimt02, interview,

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